Wolf Den

The Wolf's Den:

Two-story timer and brick building with a reinforced wooden door.  Accoodations consist of several small rooms with wooden cots and several hamocks in the common room.  The inn was rebuilt recently after a devastating fire.

Innkeeper is an old female elf named Niserie.

Current Patrons:

  • Besja Karridor: Female Dwarf Merchant, NG.  Besja has uneven auburn hair and amber eyes  She wears sturdy clothing and riding boots.
  • Fari - Male Dwarf Mercenary, LE.  Fair has thin white hair and large green eyes with a matted beared.  He wears leather armor and wields a flail.  Fari has an animal companion, a sable ferret named Brosti.
  • Fered – Male Halfling Servant, N, of Lord Nilhest.  Fered has cropped blonde hair and soft blue eyes.  He wears plain clothing and riding boots.  Fered is unbelievably lucky.  He is currently on a mission for Lord Nilhest to seek out possible godchildren and report back.
  • Minain – Male Human Solider, N.  Minain is fey in appearance, with blonde hair and soft hazel eyes. He wears scale mail and wields a warhammer and shield. Minain is seeking able bodied adventurers to assist him in exposing a corrupt aristocrat serving a dragon in the Daggerdale Hills north of town Plot Hook 5

Wolf Den

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