Jackals Alehouse

Jackal's Alehouse:

A single story wooden building with a small hedged yard and only a few crude tables and benches.  Tavern keeper is a short female human named Eruth.


  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Beer (5 cp)
  • Dried Chicken and Beetroot on weekends, Tankard of Perry (11 cp)


Plot Hook 1 – It is said that Eruth is the daughter of Arcorht.  An infamous assassin adventurer who fell in love and retired.

Plot Hook 2 - A vast cavern filled with glowing crystals and bizarre creatures lies somewhere beneath the eastern marshes.

Plot Hook 3 - A stranger, identifying himself as Aldwyn, has been spending strange coins marked with a dark glyph.

Plot Hook 4 – The Conbeyr Vineyards to the south are distressed by monstrous pests.

Jackals Alehouse

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